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  • PEEP: Retrospective Rating Code Reporting Change

    Per WCIO Specifications update, Retrospective Rating Codes 1, 2 & 4 will no longer be used. Only Retrospective Rating Codes 3 & 5 will apply dependent on each DCO’s applicability.
  • CDX Support Email Address Change

    The support email address for CDX has changed to Please use this email address for future inquiries or issues.
  • New BEEP Validations for California

    The following new BEEP validation errors have been created for CA: • Loss Records reported without a matching Exposure Record for the same class code, with exposure. Detected on 1.0 reports only • Standard Premium Total reported as zero • Fully subrogated claim is missing the Gross Incurred Amount
  • File Transfer Changes planned for Saturday, October 2nd

    Compensation Data Exchange (CDX) will be performing maintenance to their FTP services on Saturday, October 2nd from 8AM to 2PM EST. In addition to general software upgrades, CDX will decommission use of the FTPS protocol and all inbound and outbound FTP transmissions will be required to use SFTP. If your services are submitting data to, please update to using port 22. No adjustments will be needed to the FTP user accounts/passwords. For carrier FTP locations that are configured for receipt of WCRATINGS and WCCRIT files, please review at your earliest convenience with your IT Department and make any necessary adjustments ahead of the October 2nd update. The FTP Locations can be found in the CDX Admin menu under MyUMG | Locations. On October 2nd, all FTPS locations configured in the system will be converted to SFTP using Port 22.
  • New WCUnderwriting service for retrieval of experience rating factors

    CDX is pleased to announce the availability of a new web service product called WCUnderwriting. This product can be used by carriers and TPAs to retrieve experience rating factors directly to your systems, by-passing the need to log into CDX or a DCO website. Please contact the CDX Central Support group at if you would like more information.
  • PEEP Update: New field for Email Address on Address Record

    Email Address is now available on the Address Record. Please check the WCIO WCPOLS specifications for state reporting rules.
  • REMINDER: Delivery of files will require SFTP or FTP with SSL after April 1st

    NOTICE POSTED NOVEMBER 15, 2020: Effective April 1st, 2021, CDX will no longer support delivery of ratings and WCCRIT files to carriers by email. In addition, if carriers are receiving files by FTP, CDX will require secure transfer using SSL or SFTP. If you are receiving files by email or FTP without the SSL option selected, Group Admins can review the Admin | MyUMG | Locations tab to update delivery configurations
  • PEEP Update: PA/DE Applicability on Number of Employees

    The following field is now applicable to PA and DE: Number of Employees
  • Validation of the Transmission Version Identifier field in the Electronic Transmittal Record (ETR)

    Effective 11/14/2020: To comply with WCIO data reporting standards and ensure proper sequencing of files, carriers are required to submit a valid value in the Transmission Version Identifier field of the Electronic Transmittal Record (ETR). Please visit the WCIO website for the specifications of this data field.
  • BEEP: New updates for New York and North Carolina

    New York: The Replacement option is now available for the Copy USR function. North Carolina: Type of Recovery Codes: Codes 05-Joint Coverage without Subrogation and 06-Joint Coverage with Subrogation have been removed
  • PEEP: Wisconsin endorsements added

    The following new endorsements are now available for Wisconsin: Record EG-Wisconsin Franchisor-Franchisee Coverage Endorsement Record EH-Wisconsin Franchisor-Agreement Termination Endorsement
  • Effective April 1st, 2021, WCRATING and WCCRIT file transmission option changes

    Effective April 1st, 2021, CDX will no longer support delivery of ratings and WCCRIT files to carriers by email. In addition, if carriers are receiving files by FTP, CDX will require secure transfer using SSL or SFTP. If you are receiving files by email or FTP without the SSL option selected, Group Admins can review the Admin | MyUMG | Locations tab to update delivery configurations.
  • WCUnderwriting has moved and is now DCO Mod Lookup

    The WCUnderwriting product has been renamed to DCO Mod Lookup and has been moved. You can find this product under the EXR menu.  The DCO Mod Lookup product provides users access to modification factors of participating DCOs. In order to use DCO Mod Lookup, you must have a login to the DCO's website and set up with Single Sign On. For more information, see the CDX User Guide. Contact your Group Administrator if you would like access to this product.
  • EXR:  Experience rating worksheet changes for North Carolina

    Effective June 27, 2020, individual North Carolina experience modification worksheets will no longer be available through the CDX EXR Search tool.  Carriers will still have the ability to receive the daily experience modifier file from CDX via FTP.  Individual North Carolina experience modification worksheets can be obtained using NCRB’s WCRatings tool at  To access the NCRB portal, please contact your NCRB web administrator or
  • ETR Log Updates

    To improve performance, the ETR Log was revised to only display information on files processed within the last 90 days.  To view historical data, please use the ETR Search feature.
  • BEEP:  COVID-19 Unit Stat Cause of Injury and Nature of Injury Table Updates – May 30th, 2020

    The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Organization (WCIO) has approved the use of two codes to ensure all claims impacted by the COVID-19 are coded accurately for Unit Stat Reporting. The following codes were implemented in the BEEP system: Cause of Injury Code: 83 (Pandemic) Nature of Injury Code: 83 (COVID-19) The DCOs are in the process of approving and configuring the use of classification codes for reporting furlough exposure.  Please check with each independent DCO for data reporting guidance.
  • Reminder:  Setup Instructions for WCIndemnity Data Calls

    Carriers that need to configure CDX to transfer WCIndemnity (WCIND) data files to DE, MA, MI, NJ, NY or PA need to complete the following steps: 1.Transfer Permissions: If you are transferring files using SFTP or FTPS, the FTP Account that will be used must be granted Transfer Permissions to the WCIND product.  Likewise, if you are using the ETR Web Upload feature, WCIND Transfer Permissions must be granted to the web user account that will be using this feature. Your Group Administrator can perform this task by accessing the Transfer Permissions page under the Admin | MyUMG menu. 2. ETR Notifications:  Your Group Administrator should specify the email address for ETR notifications.  They can configure this by accessing the Admin | MyUMG | Carrier page.  For each carrier within your group, access the ETR Response Setup tab, click the WCIND checkbox and enter the notification email address as well as the # of Days to be used on the ETR Log. 3. File Naming Conventions: Please review the CDX User Guide for information on file naming standards. 4. Testing: If you would like to submit a test file, please contact the independent bureaus to coordinate.  Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. For WCIndemnity submissions to CA, MN, NC and WI, please contact the independent bureaus for instructions.